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Notes From Dawn

I can see the Washington Monument and The Capitol easy enough but where is the White House? It hides in the trees today.

(Look to the right of The Monument. The three form a triangle)

Photos With Altitude Series

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Pornind de la aticolul precedent, m-am gândit că sunt sunt definitorii muzica care îţi place, filmele pe care le vizionezi şi, probabil, cărţile pe care le citeşti. Dacă asculţi muzică se poate să îţi placă mai mult un anumit gen, să îl preferi într-o anumită stare de spirit. Totuşi dacă te limitezi la un singur gen muzical, cred că rişti să devii şi tu mai limitat. Renunţi, în felul acesta, de a explora, de a căuta ceva nou, de a vedea dacă şi altceva ce s-ar putea să-ţi fie pe plac, sau care să te emoţioneze la fel de mult, ba poate chiar mai mult. Pentru Filme, muzică şi cartemine definitorie este secvenţa din filmul Pretty Woman / Frumuşica, când fata e dusă la operă, fără să fi ascultat vreodată acest gen. A văzut şi ascultat Traviata a compozitorului Giuseppe Verdi, operă a cărei poveste pleacă de la…

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I’ve gotta say that I am so thrilled for “The Dark Knight Rises”. Not because of hell Batman, but Christopher Nolan and CATWOMAN! She’s an iconic. Whoever dare to forget argus-feline eyes, bloody red lips and tight latex jumpsuit of Michelle Pfeiffer. It was remarkable statement of Feminism, for me. Not mentioned to Halle’s version, ’cause even she suit leather bikini, she won’t be seductive as Pfeiffer.

However, when I heard that Ann Hathaway would role Catwoman in the movie. I believed the casts would be stunning in acting but not so sure about the radiant but I remembered Ann had been styled in a very elegantly sexy fashion set that support the image so well. So, handed down for the casting. The Movie’s review was so damn good. Critics loved and praised the movie, I  have no excuse to skip this one.

Thus, before you are going to watch the movie. Let us have fun to image the character…

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Final piece. A1 size.  This follows the shapes of the photograph below and a lot of the colours.  I have altered some colours, mainly in the figures to allow them to stand out.

Inverted photo.  I printed out two of these photos and collaged them together to create the effect that the buildings were all angled

First attempt at making the image abstract.  I didnt feel that the colours were bold enough, there is too much grey!

Original photograph of Sheffield Town Hall

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Guitar Capo Homemade

2. Thumpetty thump thump, Johnny Cash’s all-time classic Ring of Fire is one song that all country music fan know. boulderphil The Influences of Gospel

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