In this modern age, family closeness has been threatened by a competitive culture and great technological change. Many families are suffering from such issues as separation, turmoil, selfishness and for some, domestic violence. Traditional education within the family and neighborhood structure has been overtaken by television.

While television in moderation can play a positive role in children’s lives, excessive viewing and using the television as a babysitter has resulted in children learning predominantly negative values, including the presentation of a false idea of what equates to happiness and fulfillment. When the whole family is swayed by the false ideology of pursuing outer happiness at the expense of inner contemplation, everyone feels unhappiness. In this article, you’ll learn how to begin shaping a spiritually happy family.

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e got many proofs for this blog. I'm an IT Director, father of three young childern, plus the 2012 Winner of the Brownsville Biggest Loser Challenge in the Individual Male category. After having a club for over four years Jenni made another exciting career transition. Jenni now works from a home office using the cumulative marketing, writing, and vast array of other skills this lady has gained through time and experience.
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